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Complex Clinic

We hold this clinic once a month at the Rothbury Community Hospital. This is aimed at patients with two or more chronic diseases and it allows a full annual birthday review to be done within one appointment. Appointments are by invitation only.

NHS Health Check

NHS Health Checks are being offered to people aged between 40 and 74 once every five years. This is to assess your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease or diabetes. If there are any warning signs, then together we can do something about it. By taking early action, you can improve your health and prevent the onset of these conditions. There is good evidence for this. The check should take approximately 20 minutes and is based on straight forward questions and measurements such as age, sex, family history, height, weight and blood pressure. There will also be a simple blood test to measure your cholesterol level.

Following your consultation, you will receive free personalised advice about what you can do to stay healthy and a copy of your results.

Minor Operations

We can remove small lumps and bumps and give injections. Please make an appointment to see a doctor to discuss this.

Diabetic Clinic

This clinic aims to prevent complications of diabetes by regular monitoring of diabetic control, together with lifestyle advice. The clinic is run by The GPs and Practice Nurses at The Rothbury Community Hospital, however, patients also have an annual eye and foot checks and may see the dietician for dietry advice where necessary.

Hypertension Clinic

Untreated high blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Any doctor, nurse or health care assistant can check your blood pressure and if high arrange blood and urine tests and an ECG.

Asthma Clinic

You will be sent a reminder letter for your annual review around your Birthday month. This will ask you to make a DOUBLE appointment with the practice nurse. The practice nurse can see you regularly to advise on inhaler technique, self monitoring of asthma, medication changes when necessary and general lifestyle improvements.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

You will be sent a 40 minute appointment for your annual review around your birthday month. This will be with Sister Gillian Singleton who will perform Spirometry…


The most common test used in helping to diagnose the condition is called spirometry. This test estimates lung volumes by measuring how much air you can blow out into a machine. Two results are important: the amount of air you can blow out in one second (called forced expiratory volume in 1 second – FEV1) and the total amount you can blow out in one breath (called forced vital capacity – FVC). Your age, height and sex affect your lung volumes. So, your results are compared to the average predicted for your age, height and sex.

Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) Clinic

We are trying to improve the care we give to patients with heart disease and other diseases related to hardening of the arteries.  We feel an annual review around your birthday is very important as it gives us an opportunity to make sure that you are receiving the best possible treatment. 

Smoking Cessation Advice

Our practice nurses are able to advise you on how to give up smoking, encourage and monitor you and also discuss and prescribe medical treatments to help. Ask at reception for a DOUBLE appointment.


Blood Pressure

You can make an appointment to see our Health Care Assistant for a blood pressure check or if you feel comfortable doing your own, we have a blood pressure machine in the waiting room. Results can be recorded and handed in to Reception.





Travel Vaccinations

Please collect a travel form from the surgery or download from the link and hand the completed form into the surgery. Please make a double appointment at least two weeks from us receiving this form with the practice nurse. This should be well before you intend to travel in order to give vaccines time to work.

We recommend the following: 

8 weeks before your holiday


3 months before if you are backpacking or have a complicated itinery

Some of our travel service is funded by the NHS and some vaccinations are available on the NHS. However some travel advice, vaccinations, anti-malaria tablets and other medications for overseas travel are not paid for by the NHS. Price list for travel vaccinations  

Travel Questionnaire Form.


NHS travel advice is available at:

DMARD Monitoring Service

If you are being prescribed disease modifying drugs, usually for arthritis, from your hospital consultant we are able to carry out your regular blood tests and arrange repeat prescriptions here once we have had notification from your consultant, (usually after 6 months).

Health Promotion

All doctors and practice nurses can advise you on leading a healthier lifestyle and disease prevention. Just make an appointment in any routine surgery.

Dietary Advice

All doctors and nurses are able to offer dietary and lifestyle advice in a routine appointment, written information is also available.

Family Planning

You can see one of the doctors for emergency contraception or the practice nurse for monitoring and repeat prescriptions of pills and injections. All doctors are able to provide a confidential family planning service including emergency contraception, the contraceptive pill, injections and the contraceptive implant can also be arranged.

Cervical Screening

All women aged 25-64 are invited for cervical screening. By having regular smears any changes that may occur in the cervix may be picked up early before they become cancerous. Our practice nurses carry out the smear tests. Please make a DOUBLE appointment.

Well Woman Checks, You can make an appointment to discuss gynaecological problems, family planning, menopause issues or ask advice about smears or breast checks. We can also offer general health checks such as blood pressure checks and offer lifestyle advice.

Breast Screening

As part of the NHS breast screening programme, all women aged between 47 and 73 will be called for mammography (x-rays of breasts) every 3 years. If you are aged over 73 and would like to receive a mammogram please contact the RVI on (0191) 233 6161 to self refer.


 Current guidelines recommend a minimum effective dose of HRT should be prescribed for the shortest length of time possible to control menopausal symptoms. Please make a face to face, routine appointment with a GP to discuss this every 6 month in order to receive presciptions for HRT.

Counselling Service

We offer a counselling service based at the practice. If you feel you would benefit from this service you need to make an appointment to see one of the doctors. The counsellor usually sees patients at the Rothbury Community Hospital, but can also see patients at Longframlington.

Influenza Injections & Pneumonia Vaccines

Each winter we run flu clinics. Anyone over 65, or suffering from a chronic disease at any age is at an increased risk from flu and should be vaccinated. Flu clinics always start early in October and ideally as many people as possible should have their flu jabs done as early as possible in the flu season before flu starts to circulate in the general population. Look out for adverts when the flu clinics will be held on our practice website, on your repeat prescription, in ‘Over the Bridges’ magazine, Philips newsagents, David Carr’s shop, Longframlington and on surgery notice boards.  

Private Medicals

Private medical examinations for insurance/employement purposes, need to be arranged by appointment, please contact reception to make this. A fee will be charged as these do not come under NHS terms of service. Private forms can also be completed and signed and a fee will be charged.

Child development/Immunisations

Our practice nurse runs a child immunisation clinic at Rothbury Community Hospital every Wednesday PM. Any other questions please contact the surgery or Health Visitor on 01669 622781.