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Updated on 26th March 2013 at 3:40 pm


The Rothbury Practice has established a representative Patient Participation Group of registered patients. This should be seen as a very positive process but requires enthusiasm and commitment in order to achieve all the potential benefits. Involvement is very important to ensure that patients are involved in decisions and contributes towards improvements, commissioned by the practice.

In September/October 2012 we ran a campaign updating patient details and asked potential members if they would like to be a member of the virtual group. We have contacted the group via email in early 2013 and asked for feedback on our new practice website and improving practice questionnaire results from 2012.

We would welcome new members. If you would like to join the Patient participation Group, please contact the surgery. We hope to attract a diverse patient body, if you feel you may be from a category of patients not well represented, please get in-touch.

Patient Participation group priorities from 2011/12, so far:

  •  Continue to use the same questionnaire as previous years in order to compare performance over time,
  •   Communication with patients: Especially
  •   Early and late appointments
  •   Recall system so patients know what to expect
  •   Newsletters re services offered
  •   Music in waiting room; either easy listening or radio
  •   Improve the Waiting room: Coat of paint needed and control notices and leaflets

 Patient Participation Group Feedback from 2012/13, so far:

  • Longframlington surgery times listed along side Rothbury
  • Condense annual review appointment, to see a nurse. This will free up doctors appointments
  • Website, much improved
  • Include information on the website about Rothbury Podiatry Department
  • Website very useful and informative
  • Practice Questionnaire results were about as expected

To date, ongoing.

The practice has also reviewed the Improving Practice Questionnaire and are satisfied with the results remaining consistent over the years.

Some feedback above has already been implemented.

In addition to our Practice patient group the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are inviting patients to join a county wide patient involvement forum and North Patient Locality Group. Your experience is very valuable to help support and shape the future health services for local people in Northumberland.

RP PPG Action Plan 2014-15

PPG_Template_Final 2014-15

Details and agenda for any future forums are below: