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Updated on 22nd November 2012 at 2:26 pm


Sexually transmitted infections – GUM services

GUM stands for Genito – Urinary Medicine. The GUM service specialises in giving advice, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. The service is free and confidential and is open to all ages and all sexualities. Call 01670 543131 to make an appointment or for advice. Find out more about the services provided.

If you have an appointment at the GUM clinic you can now download and print off a registration form and complete it prior to arrival saving you time and allowing staff to see you as quickly as possible.


Screening for chlamydia is availble for people aged 15-25 at clinics throughout Northumberland. Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection and at least one in ten sexually active people under the age of 25 will have chlamydia. Alot of people don’t even know they have it because most people do not have any symptoms. By taking a simple test (which involves peeing in a pot) you can be tested for chamlydia.

To find out more about the local Northumberland Tyne and Wear chlamydia screening programme please visit the check your bits website or text your name and address to 07624809619 to obtain your free confidential chlamydia testing kit.





You can also go to Newcastlefor G.U.M. clinics at the New Croft Centre near the Laing art Gallery for:

      Contraception (including emergency contraception)

      Concerns about STIs (including Chlamydia)

      Pregnancy decision making

      Cervical smear test

      Teenage pregnancy support and advice



You can attend the walk-in service Monday to Friday

 9am until 7-30pm for a check up

 If you have symptoms or signs of an infection you can attend the walk-in clinic Mon, Weds, Thurs and Fri 9am until 12-15pm

Alternative appointments are available please phone 0191 229 2999

 Useful Websites  For advice on contraception and where to find clinics  Sex, relationships and contraception for under 18’s Information on contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and visiting the Brook clinic  For information on sexual health services and clinics in Northumberland  National GUM clinic