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Local emergency contraception

You can get emergency contraception here at the Rothbury Practice but you can also get it 24 hours a day and free of charge at:

Rothbury Community Hospital

Tel: 01669 620555

 Boots the chemist in Rothbury also give out emergency contraception. This might cost £25 or could be free depending on whether there is a trained pharmacist on duty at the time.

 Tel: 01669 620308

 Text ‘chemist’ to 62233 to find your nearest chemist that provides emergency contraception

Emergency contraception

FREE emergency contraception is available from pharmacies across Northumberland. Please contact the central booking line for further details: 01670 543131

You can use emergency contraception – often known as the morning after pill –  if:

  • You have had sex without using any contraception
  • You think the contraception might not have worked

Please note: for emergency contraception to be effective it should be taken within 72 hours of having sex.

‘C’ card scheme In Rothbury you can register for a ‘C’ card at the ‘Drop in’ centre.

Contraceptive service

The contraceptive service provides all forms of contraception from ten clinic sites situated in all areas of the county from the Tweed to the Tyne and from the sea to the Cumbrian border. The services are open to all age groups and we also have a network of outreach sessions for young people in a variety of premises including schools, youth clubs and community centres.  Find out more about the services available.